10 Best Futsal Ball 2021 – Buying Guide & Reviews

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Football, or soccer to some, may be the most popular sport worldwide, but it is not the only sport that uses a football. In fact, there are numerous variations on the sport of football like street, indoor, and beach variations. But, one of the more interesting variations is Futsal.

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Similar to indoor football, Futsal is played on an indoor court similar to a tennis or basketball court. This means best futsal balls need to be durable and display a lower bounce than normal footballs. But, it can be difficult to tell which footballs are best for Futsal.

Best Futsal Ball in 2021

That is why we have to put together a list of the 10 best Futsal balls. Then we provide a helpful buyer’s guide, so you know what qualities are important for a Futsal ball and why.

1. Senda Athletics – Best Futsal Ball (Editor’s Choice)

Senda Athletics ball


Senda is a bit of a unique brand. For one, it is the only brand on our list that exclusively manufactures soccer balls for competitive play. This allows Senda to focus entirely on producing the best soccer ball available to the average consumer. Still, Senda is unique in a number of other ways as well.

As a relatively young company, Senda originated behind the idea that the most popular sport in the world was becoming too entrenched and influenced by big money. The supplies also required to play soccer were often exploiting people and regions that supported the sport above all others. As such, Senda is the only soccer ball manufacturer dedicated to producing a fair trade soccer ball.

Senda is also somewhat rare in that explicitly manufacturers soccer balls for all variations of the sport. Beyond Futsal, Senda also make soccer balls designed for both street and beach use something that few other companies do in more than word alone.
Special design qualities

The Rio may be labeled as a training ball, but it is in fact far more of a training and match ball than anything else. For one, this is the only ball on our list to include a number of design qualities that are specifically tailored for Futsal balls rather than simply relying on a more generalized approach that allows the ball to appeal to broader market of consumers.

Material and lining

First, this ball is the only one we reviewed that included a foam material with its polyester lining. This is important because Futsal balls have a much more strict regulation concerning the bounce or rebound of the ball. The foam lining works to reduce the ball’s bounce without reducing the feel of the ball.

The Rio is also the only ball on our list that uses a rubber bladder. Once again, this choice is designed to further reduce the rebound of the ball to bring it in line with Futsal regulations. In fact, the Senda Rio is the only ball on our list that complies with regulations for professional Futsal matches.


But, the Rio is not without its faults. For one, this ball is made using machine stitching. While this is superior to gluing, it is not as good as hand-stitched nor some of the better types of thermal bonding. Also, this ball does not have either a felt or pebbled texture that is often preferred for an indoor ball.

  • Foam lining is better for Futsal
  • Thick polyurethane covering for durability
  • Rubber bladder to reduce bounce and retain air
  • Machine stitching is not the best
  • Does not have the preferred covering texture

2. Select Numero 10 – Top Futsal Ball (People’s Choice)

Select Numero 10

Take Your Futsal to the Next Level

The Select Sport America Magico Ball is for futsal and is made in a way that’s ideal for both first-timers and experienced athletes of the sport.

There’s a butyl bladder in the interior, which helps hold in the air better than those without. And even if that wasn’t included, the leather exterior should prevent routine pumpings once the ball is ready to be served. Just be sure that you have an air pump around in the first place.

Pumping it Up

The ball ships completely deflated, but that shouldn’t be too big of an issue; most balls, even when pumped before sold, would still need a little air.

Other than that, it retails at two different sizes for both adults and children, so if you or your kid need a better futsal ball than what you have already, the Select Sport brand is a dealbreaker.

  • Synthetic leather surface contains air inside the ball for a long time
  • Comes with a butyl bladder inside the ball for enhanced air retention
  • Sold in accurate sizing for adults but also has junior size if needed
  • The ball is shipped deflated; will need to be pumped with a device not included with the product

3. Adidas – Best Training Ball 

Adidas ball


Adidas: Then and Now

Like Nike, adidas is another brand that is known worldwide for manufacturing some of the best sporting equipment available. Unlike Nike, adidas is actually a German company. Adidas is a bit more in tune with the needs of players of sports on an international level and ultimately often produces better products. These two companies hare a surprisingly similar origin, despite the differences between them.

Whereas Nike started when a collegiate coach and runner decided to make shoes specifically for track and field.

In a similar manner, one of the founding brothers of adidas, Adolf Dassler, travelled to the 1936 Olympic Games held in Berlin and convinced U.S. track and field star Jesse Owens to wear his handmade shoes. After Owens won 4 gold medals and upset Hitler’s theory of Aryan dominance.

Fast-forward to present day and adidas used that precipitous moment in history to build a brand that has become known for far more than simply running shoes. Adidas has made a major showing attempting to appeal to the soccer market in particular even going so far as sponsoring the FIFA World Cup in 2014. As such, it should come as little surprise that adidas makes a quality soccer product.

Great training ball

In this particular case, the MLS Top Glider is definitely a high quality soccer ball. That being said, it is not the best ball to use for Futsal. In fact, it is not the best match soccer ball regardless which variation of the sport you play. The Glider is worth its value for highly competitive players as a great training ball due to a number of factors.

Material and Casing

First, the TPU casing is one of the best that we reviewed. Even other brands that use TPU materials for their casing generally do not hold up quite as well as the Glider. This allows the Glider to handle the rougher texture of the indoor courts without the casing wearing away. Unfortunately, the casing is will not necessarily prevent some of the flaws of this ball from showing through.

This ball suffers from what a number of soccer balls we reviewed do: poor stitching. The machine stitched Glider will have difficulty keeping air after extended use. This remains true despite the fact that the Glider uses a butyl bladder known for it durability. Moreover, the stitching will also fail to keep the Glider’s shape leading to a situation where the ball slowly deforms and develops slight bulges over time.

  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane is one of the best Futsal covering materials
  • Nylon wound lining is more durable than polyester or cotton
  • Butyl bladders are the most durable
  • Machine stitching is not the best
  • Have difficulty holding air after extended use
  • The size and shape may be non-standard

4. Mikasa Sports – Budget Futsal Ball

Mikasa Sports ball

Mikasa is unlikely to be a brand that many soccer players are familiar with but it is one of the older manufacturers of sporting equipment having been started in 1917. Most soccer players are unfamiliar with Mikasa considering the brand started as a maker of volleyballs and eventually water polo balls.

In this regard though, the Mikasa brand is arguably top dog representing numerous leagues in both sports around the world as well as supplying equipment for olympic events.

Unlike some of the larger brands on our list, Mikasa content itself with making balls for various sports and not moonlighting as a fashion brand as well. This allows the brand to focus on qualities that determine a high end sporting ball. For Futsal, Mikasa achieves mixed results. In fact, there are other balls they make designed more for indoor soccer, but few of them are tailored for Futsal specifically.


Honestly, this is not at all the best ball you could purchase for Futsal or any other variation of soccer. But, it does have one factor in particular that makes it ideal for a specific consumer: its price. Regardless the size or style, the Misaka Serious is consistently one of the less expensive soccer balls on the market even at retail price.

In terms of features, the Misaka Serious offer a number of qualities that make it attractive. For example, this ball uses a butyl bladder to ensure that it retains the air as best as it can while also standing up to the rigors of play. Unfortunately, this does not always play out as well as desired in practice.

The biggest disadvantages

This ball will often struggle to last more than a couple weeks of consistent use from adults and older adolescents. Users have reported that the ball will struggle to hold air pressure and will eventually deform, unable to maintain a perfectly spherical shape after repeated strikes.

Of course, part of this may have less to do with the butyl bladder and more to do with other factors of its construction. Specifically, the machine stitching of the Mikasa Serious seems to be a bit lower quality than with many other machine stitched soccer balls. The seams have been known to split after an alarmingly short amount of time of use.

Aside from that, the glossy finish which may serve well on traditional pitch further reduces the type of grip and control preferred for indoor play.

  • Soft synthetic leather covering adds to ball control
  • Butyl bladders are the most durable
  • Extremely inexpensive Futsal ball and weighs a bit heavier
  • Machine stitching is not the best
  • The glossy finish slip on feet and courts
  • Have difficulty holding air and shape after extended use

5. NIKE – Best Tracking Ball

Nike ball

Nike as a company

Little needs to be said about Nike, it’s one of the most famous brands of sporting equipment around the world. Nike is definitely geared more towards the Basketball market than any other. This is likely due to the fact that Nike is an American company that got its start making shoes though originally it manufactured track shoes.

Since that time in the 1960s, Nike has grown to incorporate almost every type of sport and its equipment into their catalog. Nike even created a special European branch to better reach and cater to the sports that were played around the world but less so in the United States.

Unfortunately, this has not always led to consistent results and many of the worldwide sporting equipment made by Nike often lack subtle nuances that other manufacturers more familiar with these sports employ.

Balls in soccer

In terms of soccer, Nike generally produces a handful of different balls and simply customizes the design to favor some of the more popular teams and leagues around the world. This ultimately translates into a range of products whose features are mostly similar to one another and do not readily lend themselves to more specific variations of the same game.

Balls in Futsal

When it comes to Futsal, Nike no longer even makes a soccer ball tailored to that type of game. Instead, Nike’s Futsal offering is a more generalized soccer ball that can be used for a wide variety of soccer categories without truly shining in any of them. That is the case with the Nike Pitch.

The Pitch is actually designed to be used outdoors, but Nike did at least alter a few of the common soccer ball qualities so that it will perform adequately indoors as well. The TPU casing provides a solid blend of durability with responsiveness, so Futsal players do not have to worry about the ball separating mid-game.

The Pitch also “feels” heavier when in use. Keep in mind, the ball is not heavier than other soccer balls, but it is a bit stiff so that the responsiveness is reduced a tad though not egregiously making it feel heavier. But, this in no way reduces the rebound of the Pitch which is not Futsal regulation.


But, Nike made a soccer ball intended for use in a wide variety of settings but did not actually manufacture a ball that was durable enough to handle those setting. For example, while the TPU casing is sufficient for the expected rigors of Futsal play, should the ball sail into a sharp, cornered edge maybe against a bleacher it is liable to tear a hole.

  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane is one of the best Futsal covering materials
  • Bright colors make it easy to track
  • Heavier feel for better control and less bounce
  • An extremely expensive Futsal ball
  • Machine stitching is not the best
  • Thin covering is not durable enough

6. One World Play Project – Most Durable Ball

One World Play Project


Company and its mission

Out of all the odd balls on our list, this on is by far the least likely. In some respects, this brand can be seen in a similar light as Senda, though the comparisons do not cover the the actual products each respective company produces. Instead, the One World Play Project is specifically designed to serve as a type of charitable organization. As a “B corporation,” One World Play Project is not truly non-profit.

That does not diminish the positive impact the company has with their mission to bring the game of soccer to the most disadvantaged regions and peoples on the planet. Much like Tom’s shoes, every time you purchase a One World Play Project soccer ball another is donated to a less fortunate community. Of course, most of these regions do not have the infrastructure or funds to support either an indoor or outdoor soccer field.


That is why the One World Play Project has designed a soccer ball unlike any other. This soccer ball is arguably not only the most durable on our list but the most durable ever made. This is in large part due to the fact that the One World Play Project soccer ball uses a hard rubber casing. But, this quality carries with it both positive and negative features.

On the positive side, the hard rubber casing is a big part of what makes this ball nearly indestructible. Even if the ball gets punctured, it will not got flat. Another great benefit about the rubber casing in regards to Futsal specifically is that it dampens the ball’s rebound, bringing it more in line with regulations.


Unfortunately, rubber is simply not the best material to use for a soccer ball’s casing. To make matters worse, the hard rubber only amplifies the faults of the material. As such, this is by far the least responsive soccer ball on our list.

Also, the hard rubber casing is far more painful to kick hard. Another issue with the One World Play Project is the way it maintains air pressure. Since poorer people may not readily have access to an air pump, this soccer ball is inflated and sealed with a lid. That lid is sealed with glue. This creates two issues. First, the lid itself protrudes a bit from the ball creating a bubble. This bubble prevents the ball from rolling true.

Second, the lid is liable to come off after repeated use by adults and older adolescents, and there is no way to fix it.

  • Nearly indestructible no matter the field/court
  • The reduced bounce is in line with Futsal
  • Multipurpose and goes to help a good cause
  • Covering is made out of hard rubber
  • The lid will come off when kicked by stronger players
  • Not truly spherical and does not roll true

Best Futsal Ball Review – Buyer’s Guide

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Casing Materials


The outer shell of a soccer ball is called the casing. Depending on the material the casing is made out of, the soccer ball will be more or less durable. It can also have an impact on how easy the ball is to control. With Futsal soccer balls, this becomes a bit trickier, because you need the ball to be durable enough to withstand play on a hard court but giving enough to respond to the smaller size and shorter passes.


Polyurethane, or PU, is seen as the all-around best material for a soccer ball casing. It walks the line between durable and responsive better than any of ther other materials used for soccer ball casings. In fact, PU is the material used for FIFA regulation soccer balls though technically any of the commonly used materials could conceivably be used.

For Futsal a specific type of PU often works better: thermoplastic polyurethane. TPU is similar to PU in many respects but it sacrifices a bit of responsiveness to provide more durability. This is especially important for Futsal soccer balls as the hardcourt takes more of a toll on the ball than a grass or astroturf pitch would.

Polyvinyl Chloride

Polyvinyl Chloride, or PVC, is technically considered a lower grade material to be used for soccer balls. Of course, Futsal balls require a bit different qualities, and in this regard, PVC can be more acceptable for a Futsal ball than a standard outdoor soccer ball. PVC is more durable than PU or TPU but is not nearly as responsive.

In terms of performance, PVC will still be less preferred for Futsal matches but may serve as a better practice ball material. Depending on the team or league’s budget, a PVC ball may work well for a match if a TPU ball cannot be had and only PU balls are available.

Synthetic Leather

For outdoor matches, synthetic leather is generally considered the best material to use for a soccer ball covering. While PU is technically used as synthetic leather, this material generally refers to synthetic leathers that are softer than PU. This provides the player with increased control at the expense of durability.

For Futsal balls, synthetic leather is arguably one of the worst materials to use specifically because it is also the least durable. The hardcourt used for Futsal will wear and tear a synthetic leather casing much quicker than either PU, TPU, or PVC.


Rubber is the lowest grade material used for soccer balls. But, rubber does often have the advantage of being the most durable. Usually, rubber soccer balls are used for street play where the rough, textured asphalt will quickly wear down other casing materials.

Futsal is actually better played with a rubber soccer ball than softer synthetic leather materials. Of course, the hardness of the rubber will further reduce responsiveness and often hurt to kick, so children playing Futsal should use a softer material. Finally, a rubber-covered soccer ball is best left to practice for Futsal.

Bladder Materials

img source: 1freewallpapers.com

After the casing, the next most important factor for a soccer ball is the bladder. The bladder is the part of a soccer ball that holds the air. Much like the casing, the material used for the bladder will determine the number of overall qualities about the soccer ball. Again, this dichotomy comes down to responsiveness vs durability.


Latex is often seen as the best material to use for a soccer ball’s bladder. This is because latex is the softest material used for the bladder which provides the player with increased control over the ball. However, latex bladders do not retain their air quite as well as the other materials nor are they as durable all around. For Futsal balls, latex has the unfortunate quality of generally rebounding more than regulation permits.


Butyl is a far more common material used for soccer ball bladders because it is less expensive and more durable than latex. Also, butyl bladders are generally the most durable and hold air better and longer than other materials used for the bladder. But, butyl bladders are also the hardest material used for this purpose and ultimately are the least responsive. For Futsal balls, butyl bladders are the most common for both their durability but also because they do not rebound as much as latex.


Once again, rubber comes in as the lowest grade material used for soccer balls, but this time it actually turns out to be one of the better materials used for Futsal balls. Rubber bladders are more durable than latex, but not quite as durable as butyl. Unfortunately, rubber bladders retain air worse than both latex and butyl.

The main benefit of rubber bladders for Futsal balls is that they dampen the bounce something that is vital for a regulation Futsal ball.


img source: shopify.com


In the end, finding a great Futsal soccer ball will be somewhat difficult. This is because Futsal is not nearly as popular as outdoor soccer. Futsal is not even the most popular form of indoor soccer. Still, there are numerous soccer balls that can serve admirably for Futsal and even a few made for the sport specifically.

If you need a match-ready Futsal ball, your best bet will be to go with the Senda.

This is one of the few brands that explicitly manufactures a Futsal soccer ball, especially within a reasonable price point. The inclusion of foam in the lining combined with the rubber bladder makes this the only soccer ball we reviewed that meets official Futsal regulations.

But, if you are looking for a training ball, the Adidas MLS Top Glider is an excellent option. Its TPU casing is exceptionally durable while its butyl bladder performs admirably. Also, the nylon-wrapped lining is one of the better performing available.

If these weren’t enough, check out some other picks from Amazon also:

Franklin Sports Futsal Ball - Junior Size Futsal Soccer Ball - Indoor and Outdoor Futsal Ball - Size...
  • COMPLETE CONTROL: Crafted with a soft abrasion, resistant cover for excellent touch and feel
  • HIGH VISIBILITY: Dynamic colorful graphics for a ball that is easy to see for all players on all surfaces
  • LOW BOUNCE: Our stuffed and wound low bounce bladder keeps the ball low to the ground and works well both indoors and outdoors
  • BUILD YOUR SOCCER SKILLS: Perfect for working on footwork and ball control
  • JUNIOR SIZE: Our Futsal balls meet recognized standards for Official Junior Futsal ball size 3, weight and low bounce.
American Challenge Kura Soccer Ball
  • OUTER CASING MATERIAL: 0.65mm gloss PU with "textured" feel -BACKING MATERIAL: 2 layers of polyester, 1 layer of EVA foam and 2 layers of poly/cotton lining
  • STITCHING: Hand-sewn with pre-stretched, high tensile, polyester thread -BLADDER: Butyl - for improved air retention
  • This ball was designed for grass fields but will play well on all surfaces
  • PLEASE NOTE: The balls do not come inflated - This Kura ball a great Youth and Adult ball for Training and Match play
  • Durability, Quality and Service - American Challenge: A Brand You Can Trust. Since 1973
Baden Low Bounce Futsal Practice Ball (Size 3) Grey/White/Blue
  • LOW BOUNCE - Increase your performance and ball control on the field with Futsal low bounce soccer balls
  • PRECISION - Each soccer ball is handsewn to ensure each panel is sewn together with precision and accuracy
  • PERFORMANCE - The advanced PU cover material gives you a truer flight and better control
  • REINFORCED - Butyl bladder provides maximum air retention and durability
  • USFF APPROVED - Meets U.S. Futsal specifications
Futsal 1 Trainer MS Ball
  • Viscose blended backing for enhanced stability
  • Panels are strengthened with multilayered polyester
  • Soft feel and good shape
  • Package Weight: 0.418 kilograms
Mitre Ultimatch Indoor Soccer Futsal Football
  • Ideal match level ball for Futsal
  • New 30 panel design for a reliable performance and durable lifespan
  • Built for optimal control and close quarter passing
  • Hyperseam technology for optimum in-play consistency
  • Tough PU outer offers optimum abrasion resistance on all Futsal surfaces
LUX Soccer Match Ball Size 5 with Free Premium Manual Ball Pump - Thermally Bonded Match Ball for...
  • ✅ MATCH-STANDARD BALLS FOR LESS - Sick of paying through the nose for match-quality soccer balls? So were we, that's why we designed the LUX Premium Size 5 Football, so football players like ourselves could access products of the same quality without having to feel the guilt of paying astronomical amounts for the pleasure
  • ✅ INDUSTRY-LEADING TECHNOLOGY - Don't settle for the old-fashioned, sub-standard soccer balls other brands are selling: not only to they not hold their air, they let water in easily and their panel stitching often breaks in the first couple of months of ownership. Our Air Mattress Foam, Quad-Panel Thermal Bonding and Golf Ball Grip technologies ensures industry-leading shape/air retention and smoothness of flight
  • ✅ FOR CUSTOMERS WHO VALUE QUALITY OVER QUANTITY - All LUX products are made to last. If you're looking for a cheap, disposable soccer ball then this isn't for you. Our products are engineered for players looking to seriously develop their game through the use of high-quality, lasting products
  • ✅ FREE PREMIUM LUX BALL PUMP - We know how annoying it can be to attempt to use the old pump you've got lying around: you're left feeling defeated with tired arms and a still-flat soccer ball. Not a problem, we'll include a premium ball pump (the kind big brands like to charge 10 bucks for) and needle with every order to ensure that you don't find yourself in this annoying situation
American Challenge All Terrain Outdoor Rubber Soccer Ball (Black, 2)
  • Rubber Tire Tread is extremely durable for rough terrain
  • 4 layers cotton lining
  • High tensile polyester stitching
  • Butyl bladder for improved air retentio
  • All purpose Street Ball
Summit Futsal Size 4 Machine Stitched Ball
  • LOW BOUNCED BALL: Designed with a durable textured cover featuring a special foam backing for a softer touch, for superior futsal play used on hard courts and wooden floors.
  • SUPER QUALITY BALLS: Made out of high tech machine stitching and glue bonding, along with superior materials, this long lasting futsal ball is great for all ages and will build your soccer skills.
  • SUMMIT Balls are manufactured in a FAIR TRADE CERTIFIED factory, where child labor is outlawed worker’s health & safety is safeguarded, living wages are paid to employees.
  • Our futsal match balls are being shipped partial deflated – Pump is required
  • TRY FOR 30 DAYS RISK-FREE: We’re so confident that you’ll love our Futsal Balls that we’ll give you 30 days to try them out. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll give you a full refund. We also offer a 12-month no hassle replacement warranty
Uber Soccer Regulation Size and Weight Indoor Futsal Soccer Ball (Green Gold Matte, 4)
  • Uber Soccer Futsal balls are the right choice if you need a ball for a hardwood court or gym room floor
  • Conforming to FIFA Futsal specs, this ball features a specially designed latex bladder making the ball heavier, which gives it less bounce on hardwood surface
  • The durable synthetic leather casing is designed to make sure the ball wont speed away from you while playing on hard or smooth surfaces
  • Ball is perfect for developing skills, fast reflexes, alertness, and pin-point accuracy Fantastic for indoor league play, PE classes, and much more


  1. To state “Does not come in a size 5” as a Con on the Senda Rio ball, or any ball, is unfair. The standard sizes of futsal balls are size 3 and size 4. I’ve never seen or heard of a size 5 futsal ball by any manufacturer.

  2. The idea behind the brand One World Play Project and their mission is good but i hate the fact that they aren’t actually a non-profit. If you’re going to market to the world like you’re changing lives and helping others, don’t be taking half that profit just for yourself in order to go on a nice vacation.

  3. Your list is really helping me teach my son how to properly make and look at the pros and cons of purchasing things, He really wants a new futsal but i told him he needs to come to me with information and prices about the brands and kinds he wants. He found your website and immediately showed me.

    • Heartfelt feedbacks are the best part of our work. Thank you, Maria. We will do our best to improve ourselves and to make our reviews better.

  4. Senda Athletics is by far my favorite brand for futsal balls. They always have some sick looking designs and their balls always last for what feels like forever. I really only have to worry about losing it before the ball actually breaks.

  5. The Senda brand used to be my favorite until i had a few balls bust randomly not even that long after i bought them. I don’t think their machine sticking is very reliable and i only buy from brands that hand stitches now.

    • Thanks, Jemi, for your note. Nowadays most of the futsal balls are made with machine sticking. But for sure, hand stitches will be always better.

  6. I have had experiences with the rubber balls before. Definitely not fun to kick around in mmy opinion. I didnt realize the One World Play Project ball was rubber. I was actually looking into buying that one.

  7. The Select Sport America Ball definitely seems like the perfect choice for me right now. I just need to get a simple and durable ball for my kid to play parks and rec.

    • It will be a good сhoice for your kid. As an advantage, the synthetic leather surface contains air inside the ball for a long time plus this ball comes with a butyl bladder inside the ball for enhanced air retention.

  8. Oh no i used to own a ball just like the budget ball from Mikasa Sports. It was such a pain to have to check the air pressure every week or so. I don’t recommend putting yourself through something like that. Just splurge for the better ball.

    • If you like to play often or especially if you want to be a professional player then definitely you should look for a better ball. The better ball also will be more expensive but it will serve you longer.

  9. I had no idea that futsal balls were made out of so many different materials. I just recently got into playing because of a friend and am looking to buying a ball for myself. However, this is a bit overwhelming. Your pros and cons list really help though.

  10. I bought the one world soccer a LONG time ago and it is still ”kickin”. My husband originally got it for himself but now that the boys are old enough they like to go play in the backyard almost every day after school. The ball has seen a lot of love and i think its about time for a new one. I’ll always be brand loyal to them unless a manufacturing problem arises.

  11. Man, I just wish Nike balls weren’t so incredibly expensive! I don’t have the kind of money to drop on one of their balls so I’m stuck buying the crappier versions from non-sport stores. I need to just save up so I can actually start getting serious about my passion.

  12. I like how you really went into specific detail about each ball you put on this list. A lot of other websites just rank them from 1 to 10 and then have like a two sentence snip it to describe the ball. However, if I’m going to be dropping money on a nice ball I want to know everything about it.

  13. Senda Athletics is my absolute favorite ball manufacturer because they always take every caution necessary to create the best products. Plus, they just look really sick and people know you’re serious about the game.

  14. I would really like it if you included the pricing of the balls alongside the name of the ball in the list. I don’t really like the fact that I have to click through to another website in order to see the pricing. I know the prices change but maybe you can put a price range instead.

  15. Companies that use glue to manufacture their balls are absolutely disgusting. You can’t create a good quality ball with glue. If you kick that ball even relatively often it’s just going to bust.

  16. My old ball used to have a rubber bladder and it was horrible at holding air. I was always pumping it up. Once I changed to a butyl bladder I stopped having to air it up as often. Problem solved by just changing a simple material in the ball!

    • Butyl is a far more common material used for soccer ball bladders because it is less expensive and more durable than latex for example or rubber.

  17. I love how you included some informational Youtube videos to give us a better look at how the ball works and looks. Some of these balls are so great looking and some just look absolutely ridiculous. I’m not buying my son one of those crazy colored balls because they just look cheap.

  18. I wish Nike still made really specialized balls. I used to have one from them that was my absolute favorite. But now they’ve discontinued it so I guess I’ll never see it again.

  19. I am a mom on a budget with a little boy who has a passion for playing ball all the time. I don’t want to spend too much on a ball just in case he doesn’t want to continue but I also don’t want to short him if he genuinely loves the sport. Should I just go with the Mikasa or splurge for a better ball?

    • This passion might be a future career. If you want him to do sport then you should think about a better ball. But if you still not sure about that, we suggest trying a simple one.

  20. I don’t understand how companies are still successful when selling rubber balls. They should have gone out of business for that long ago. People just need to do better research before they buy.

  21. An interesting article. We are a UK supplier of futsal balls, also available in the US, the brand is GFutsal. Our balls are made from PU for durability, have a butyl bladder and are filled with polyester for low bounce. They come in sizes 1 to 4 so are age specific and have been designed according to the Brazilian Futsal Confederation specifications for size and weight. They are great training balls for clubs and anyone starting out in Futsal.


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